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Dental Work
Learn More about Dentistry Jobs in Yellowknife

Work with friendly, helpful staff in a fast-paced, busy clinic offering modern equipment and facilities. Each dentist is encouraged to excel in his or her area of interest and expertise in a general family practice setting. Most of our patients have been with us for many years, but with Yellowknife’s booming economy, we see more and more new patients and their families on a daily basis.


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Here at Great Slave Dental Clinic we are constantly looking for new, energetic and talented individuals for our Dentist, Dental Assistant, Hygienist and Reception roles.


If you are interested in a job with us here at Great Slave Dental Clinic in any of these positions, please feel free to give our office manager, Jodie Rolles, a call at +1(867) 873-2450 or use our e-form.

We are currently actively looking for a new Associate Dentist & Hygienist to join our team. For more information on the role click the link below or apply on our e-form and speak with us directly!

Actively Hiring for:

Dental Hygienist

Dental Associate

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